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Organization Overview:

The Bicycle Coalition leads the movement to make bicycling safe and healthy for anyone who wants to ride in Greater Philadelphia. We envision the Philadelphia region as a place where anyone can enjoy a safe and fun bike ride on a network of connected Circuit Trails, bike lanes, and low-stress streets. We work toward a reality where bicycling is an easy option for transportation and recreation, connecting people to each other, their neighborhoods and the region.

Since 1972, we have partnered with community, governmental, public and private entities in order to effect change that makes our streets safer for everyone and encourage more people to bike. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP) was created in 1972 to give a voice to the city's cyclists and advocate for a greener Philly. Today, BCGP serves 1.5 million bicyclists and 120 bike shops and has a dues paying membership of 2,403 and nine volunteer-run advocacy county committees. Our Education Department currently consists of three main initiatives: 1) The Better Bike Share Partnership, which is dedicated to building partnerships to promote bike sharing in low-income neighborhoods; 2) Folx n Spokes PHL, formerly Women Bike PHL, an initiative to create a more inclusive local cycling scene in Greater Philadelphia; and 3) Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling, which fosters healthy habits, independence, and leadership in Philadelphia youth through the sport of cycling. We believe bicycling can be used as a transformative tool to create stronger communities. Results of our Policy advocacy work include better bicycling facilities and trails, such as the Schuylkill River Trail, Spruce and Pine buffered bike lanes, 10 miles of protected bike lanes constructed so far, South Street Bridge green bike lanes, and over 70 miles of Circuit Trails. These protective improvements make streets safer for all riders, particularly youth and new bicyclists.

Project Name:

Bike Nice/ Drive Nice Campaign
Project Type: 
Marketing/Fundraising Plan

Project Overview:

Through advocacy and education, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP) leads the movement to make biking safe, accessible and fun for everyone in the Greater Philadelphia region. In fall of 2019 BCGP hired a professional photographer, Lora Reehling, to take a set of professional photos of cyclists in Philadelphia to pair with messaging about things bikers and drivers can do to keep bikers safe, a campaign we call Bike Nice Drive Nice.

Bike Nice Drive Nice Campaign Description: The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is dedicated to safety for all road and trail users throughout the region. While people in motor vehicles bear the most responsibility for keeping streets safe, all people — including cyclists — should follow the rules of the road and make sure pedestrians, our most vulnerable road users, are safe to travel on sidewalks and cross the street. Bike Nice Drive Nice is our public education campaign, noting the importance of following the rules of the road, and understanding we all have a responsibility to keep all road users, especially pedestrians, safe. When you follow the law of the road, you respect the streets and the people who use them. That’s why we bike nice on Philly’s streets and the region’s trails and drive nice on our roads and streets. (Example photos and messaging here

Campaign Goals: Reach thousands of people with public education messaging to increase the number of cyclists respecting the rules of the road and the number of drivers respecting and keeping cyclists safe.

Stakeholders: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Short Sector Report: A short 1-2 page report that conveys how the advertising industry works in relation to non-profit public education campaigns. Research and contact media companies to understand the advertising sector: including but not limited to billboard companies, Neighborhood Districts (i.e. Center City District) the companies who manage digital content in lobby and elevator monitors, on busses and transportation stops (such as Intersection). This will explain to us how the sector works so we know the industry language and approaches as we reach out to possible opportunities.

Opportunity List: A spreadsheet of possible pro bono opportunities to get our public education campaign out to the public at no-cost or low-cost. Spreadsheet includes: contact information, links to more information, # of possible people reached through the method, deadlines for opportunities.

Sample Outreach Materials: Create a 1-2 page Bike Nice Drive Nice Pitch about the project that includes the context, goals of campaign and sample content. Draft a sample email to send to contacts about the campaign with the specific pro-bono advertising ask.

The peak bike season is May-October, so we would like to receive the deliverables to the campaign out on the earlier side of the season (ideally by July 2022 if possible).

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