Want to Change the World? Start a Movement! with Kristen Grimm

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 6:00pm
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Join the students in Senior Fellow Bill Clark's Leading Nonprofit Organizations course for a fascinating discussion with Kristen Grimm as she discusses strategies for creating lasting social change.

About the Speaker:

As the founder and president of Spitfire Strategies, Kristen Grimm has extensive experience conceiving, implementing and managing smart programs that create lasting social change. She has helped hundreds of nonprofits and foundations develop winning communication and campaign strategies to spur action around some of today’s most pressing problems – and inspire many more people to get involved. She has reformed, reframed and re-imagined critical issues ranging from restoring the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill to protecting Americans’ online privacy rights to making sure all kids have access to a good education, nutritious food and quality health care. Kristen also trains. A lot. She enjoys teaching others the tricks of her trade and helping them reach those a-ha moments that give oomph to their communication and campaign efforts. She is the mastermind behind Spitfire’s Smart Chart, Just Enough Planning Guide and Discovering the Activation Point, among other big think pieces. She loves creating messages and master narratives that resonate – especially when the good guys use them to shut down their opposition and the naysayers. She thinks fast in a crisis, is deft at drawing phenomenal visionary speech out of nonprofit leaders and is someone you want in your corner when you’re ready to go big.

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Room 402, Claudia Cohen Hall
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249 S 36th St,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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