Course Registration

No need to worry yet!  Karen Kille will be in touch with you to assist you in registering for courses.  Once your registration is complete, Karen will email you a confirmation of your schedule which will include the day, time, and room location.

After you complete your first semester, you are encouraged to register on your own.  Karen has provided registration instructions on the Fels web site.

If you believe that you have already satisfied one of the required core courses at Fels you will need to contact Karen Kille in order to request an exemption.

Waiver of core courses
Some students seek to waive Economics (GAFL 621) or Statistics (GAFL 703). In order to obtain a waiver, you need to demonstrate that you have covered a substantial amount of the course content for the class. The process requires you to request a waiver by webform, including a package of materials that provide evidence that you have mastered the material covered in the course (course description, syllabus, grade achieved, and date of the course). The waiver request will be reviewed and forwarded to the professor in charge of the course for a determination. You will be notified of the result by email. If you do obtain a waiver, you still must take 12 courses to complete the program. You simply replace the core class with an elective and your program thus consists of 7 core and 5 electives.

Importation of courses completed in other graduate programs
If you have taken graduate level courses in other graduate program, Fels will consider substituting them for MGA electives. The minimum requirements for course importation include: 3.0 overall GPA average, completion of the course at the graduate level, and courses relate to MPA course material.