Correlation between Assessment Tools and Applicant Quality

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
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OPM oversees all policy created to support Federal human resources departments — from classification and qualifications systems to hiring authorities and from performance management to pay, leave, and benefits. Along with making those policies, we are responsible for ensuring they are properly implemented and continue to be correctly carried out.

Through our initiatives, programs, and materials, we seek to recruit and hire the best talent; to train and motivate employees to achieve their greatest potential; and to constantly promote an inclusive work force defined by diverse perspectives.

OPM provides human resources, leadership, and support to Federal agencies and helps the Federal workforce achieve their aspirations as they serve the American people. " We're responsible for keeping the government running smoothly — a responsibility that has daily consequences for every citizen.

Project Name: 
Correlation between Assessment Tools and Applicant Quality
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation
Project Overview: 

This project would consist of conducting research on which hiring assessment tools that agencies are using and determine which ones yield the highest quality candidates. The next phase would be to determine which of the assessment tools then yield the highest performing employees. Research would include identifying the different tools that agencies are using, the frequency that they are using them, the performance of employees for a certain time period or the review of the quality of applicants. This could also include in-person meetings with hiring managers and review of survey data.


The final product could include a white paper and/or a presentation of findings to the Federal Government Chief Human Capital Officer's Council.

Spots Available: 
Executive Only
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To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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