Fels Institute of Government’s signature Public Policy in Practice workshops continue its 82-year legacy

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The Fels Institute of Government has new faculty leaders, but many traditions are staying put, including the institute’s signature Public Policy in Practice workshops. That’s because the series fits neatly in place with the 82-year-old institute’s focus on providing students with an analytical, personal, and practical program in public administration, says John Lapinski, who co-directs Fels with Matthew Levendusky.

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About the Public Policy in Practice series:

The Public Policy in Practice Series, led by Fels Distinguished Fellow Elizabeth Vale, is designed to provide students with a variety of perspectives and compelling personal narratives that will help them not only form their opinions on important issues, but will also help shape their careers. This series is offered in conjunction with the Fels graduate Public Management course required of all Fels Full-time MPA and Executive MPA students. Fels is proud to offer these important conversations to the entire Penn community and members of the public.

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