Community Engagement Marketing Plan

Friends of Bache-Martin
Organization Overview: 

In July 2015, Friends of Bache-Martin was founded with the mission of providing financial resources and facilitating community engagement to enhance the educational opportunities offered by the school. Friends of Bache-Martin cooperates with the Bache-Martin school administration to create a community of lifelong learners, and to support the school’s mission, vision, and values. The Bache-Martin School is a K-8 school located in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, serving portions of the Francisville, Spring Garden and Fairmount communities. Students come from mostly low-income families, and over 30% of students have special needs.

With the ongoing financial constraints of The School District of Philadelphia, there are fewer resources available at the school level to meet the needs of students and prepare them to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive, complex, and technology-driven world. We believe that together, we can positively affect the educational trajectory and achievement of all current and future students by fundraising for initiatives that provide value-added educational opportunities. The school community, faculty and administration formed the Friends of Bache-Martin with the belief that quality public education in our neighborhood is an essential cornerstone to helping our youth grow to be creative, critical, and civic-minded thinkers. We are developing young citizens who are confident and well-prepared to achieve as they continue on their educational pathway through school to future opportunities and successes.

As a nonprofit organization, the Friends of Bache-Martin is charged with meeting the fundraising needs of Bache Martin School on a larger scale through grant writing and soliciting the financial support of foundations, corporations and individuals. We exist for the sole purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities offered by the school not funded by the School District of Philadelphia.The Friends of Bache-Martin is comprised of board members that hail from the community, school administration and faculty, and parents of current students. We are dedicated to engaging the broader community in Philadelphia and beyond, to bring much needed resources to Bache-Martin.

Project Name: 
Community Engagement Marketing Plan
Project Type: 
Marketing/Fundraising Plan
Project Overview: 

Friends of Bache-Martin has a wide variety of supporting constituents available but we need to identify the various groups and develop a customized engagement plan for each. As examples:

  1. Community members who work for large local organizations with a strong local corporate social responsibility mission in support of education and literacy programs - how can we best market and capitalize their engagement?
  2. Parent and extended family network- what resources are available through them? 
  3. Establishing a relationship with universities and Bache-Martin alums that live in our area (or even beyond).

Our goal is to develop a customized plan with short term (1 fiscal year) and long term (5+ years) activities that includes demographics analyses, key contacts, and an engagement implementation strategy/plan across various media/events for each targeted group. Measure of success will be campaign outcomes and sustained engagement. Stakeholders include the Friends of Bache-Martin Board and Community Task Force, the Bache-Martin Home and School Association, school faculty, and the community (local and Greater Philadelphia).


  1. A formal document outlining each target demographic with an action plan campaign for each and actions for short term(1 year) and long term(5) engagement.
  2. One completed campaign targeted at one of the demographics with an analysis of the outcome and next steps.
  3. Formal presentation to the Friends of Bache Martin Board of Directors.
Spots Available: 
Executive; Full-Time
To Apply: 

To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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