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The Politics Certificate is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills to effectively navigate complex and diverse political environments. Students who have completed this certificate have gone on to manage political campaigns, run for office, work at the intersection of the public and private sectors, and lead local, state, and federal government organizations. The four-course graduate certificate can be completed in one year on your schedule or can be combined with another graduate program.

  • Students with five or more years of professional experience or previous graduate. coursework that duplicates the content of a core requirement may request a waiver of that requirement. If the waiver is granted, the student replaces it with a Fels elective within the certificate.
  • MPA students may only count a course to one certificate degree.
  • MPA students may only count a maximum of two MPA core courses toward a certificate.

Course information

Two core courses provide students with foundational skills:

  • GAFL 502 Public Communications
  • GAFL 631 Policy Making and Public Institutions OR GAFL 551 Government Relations OR GAFL 500 Influencing Public Policy/GAFL 500 Campaign Management

A choice of two electives rounds out the certificate (one may be taken in a school/program other than Fels):

Disclosure information required by the US Department of Education for Gainful Employment Programs

United States Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Code (SOC)
11-1021 General and Operations Managers
11-1031 Legislators
11-2013 Public Relations and Fundraising Managers
11-9030 Education Administrators
11-9151 Social and Community Service Managers

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