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Public Leadership and Service (PLAS) Fellowship Program

Fels' Public Leadership and Service (PLAS) Fellowship Program provides students with financial support to pursue meaningful internships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations around the world that would otherwise be unpaid. Open to all full-time MPA students, PLAS guarantees fellows a $5,000 stipend for 10 weeks of qualified full-time work in the summer. There are also $2,500 stipends available to support similar unpaid work during the academic year when funds are available. PLAS Fellowships help students attain valuable practical experiences as well as insights into potential public sector career paths.

For employers interested in having a Fels graduate student serve at their organization, please fill out this short information form.

For current students interested in a PLAS Fellowship, please review our PLAS FAQ.

For more information on our students’ work through their PLAS Fellowships, please visit our PLAS News page.

Caplan Fellowship

The Melissa R. Caplan Fellowship is awarded to a candidate for the Master of Public Administration degree in good standing with the University who has demonstrated exceptional academic performance in his or her first year of study. The student will receive an additional $5,000 to support their summer internship experience. Along with a superior academic record, the student must have a demonstrated interest in at least one of the following fields: (1) International volunteerism, (2) Politics and elections, or (3) Equality and civil rights.

These fields represent much of what Melissa Caplan enthusiastically pursued during her studies at Fels and in her career and volunteer experiences following her graduation. Awarded during the Fels Commencement Ceremony each May, the Melissa R. Caplan Fellowship will provide financial support to a deserving student, further enabling the awardee to pursue opportunities based on the impact they can have and experience they can gain, rather than based on the paycheck they can receive.

On the Job Training Fellowships

In addition to internships, On the Job Training (OJT) Fellowships are available to select students interested in the areas of advancement and communications, alumni engagement, event planning, career development, international student relations, admissions and graduate studies, internships, or the Fels’ Public Policy Challenge. As OJTs, students can gain professional experience and skills while earning money to offset the cost of their education.


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