Blackboard CliffsNotes

While all instructors do note use the Blackboard Academic Suite, many do.  It's a useful way to manage course materials and discussion for courses.

To access course materials for the courses you are registered for in a given term, visit (PennKey required)

Note: if you are required to use Blackboard for courses before you establish your PennKey, please contact Karen Kille and she will email the materials to you.


1. If you do not see a course listed when you login, it does not mean that you are not registered.  The only courses listed are those courses that use Blackboard.

2. The first time you login to Blackboard you should click on 'personal information' in the upper left corner of the page and confirm the email address listed is the address where you would like instructors and classmates to send communication.

3. Many students have found the group pages to be a useful tool for working on group projects.  If you would like a gorup to be created, please email Karen Kille the names of individuals in the group and she will create it for you.  This is a great way to facilitate document sharing and group communication.

4. Once you complete a semester at Fels, you may want to remove the courses you completed from the list on the right side of your main page.  To do this, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of the page listing your courses.  This will allow you to uncheck the courses that you do not want to display.  You will still have access to the materials to previous courses completed.

Blackboard Access Guide