Dual Degrees

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Dual Degrees

The Fels Institute offers a number of dual degree options that enable students to pursue the Master of Public Administration concurrently with another graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are interested in combining a study of public administration with coursework in public health, education policy, social policy, environmental studies, or law, a dual degree program will allow you to obtain two Penn degrees in an accelerated format.

In most cases, dual-degree MPA students can utilize some graduate courses from other programs to satisfy the MPA elective requirement. MPA students can import up to four graduate courses from other programs to replace four MPA electives. The student must, however, obtain approval from both program advisors for their specific dual degree arrangement. In addition, students must gain admission to both programs. The most common dual degrees are:

To become a dual-degree student, separate applications must be completed for each program and separate admission must be granted. To discuss the dual-degree option further, e-mail the Fels team at felsinstitute@sas.upenn.edu.

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