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The most personal, practical public management education in the Ivy League

Since 1937, the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania has pioneered the training and practice of public management. Today, we build on our legacy of impact and innovation to prepare the world's next generation of public sector leaders.

As the Ivy League's most personal, practical program in public management, the Fels experience is unique. We are a small, close-knit, and collaborative community with diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives. A third of our full-time students come from abroad. We share a commitment to driving meaningful change, whether locally, nationally, or globally. We don't watch it happen—we make it happen.

Fels faculty and instructors are high-level practitioners and distinguished Penn scholars, focused on equipping students with versatile skills, tools, and knowledge to meet complex challenges. Our curriculum is grounded in three pillars—context, analysis, and practice—that, together, catalyze results that matter.


“The driving philosophy behind Fels is CAP. Only through a thorough understanding of context, the ability to analyze, and the capacity to put the subsequent insight into practice can a public leader achieve his or her maximum impact.”

Nelson Lim, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fels Institute of Government



At Fels, we are informed by the historic, political, social, and economic context dictating the public landscape. We are grounded in public management theory and fundamental principles as we shape the future through diverse perspectives and cutting-edge practices.


We believe in the critical analysis of information to solve problems and improve the creation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. In an era of data-driven decision-making, we prioritize the development of our students’ analytical skills. 


As the hallmark of the Fels experience, hands-on practice enables Fels students to apply and advance their knowledge while serving the public good. Inside and outside the classroom, students are engaged in solving real-world problems and developing innovative solutions for a variety of complex issues.

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