Staff: Eric Rabe

Senior Advisor

Eric Rabe is an expert in communications and management strategies.  He brings to consulting assignments decades of experience of as both a journalist and a senior corporate communications executive.  For 20 years, Rabe managed communications at Verizon Communications, a Fortune 15 company, where he was responsible for news media relations and corporate communications.   During a time of unprecedented change in the telecommunications industry, Rabe successfully positioning Verizon as a technology leader.  He developed and implemented strategies to support three of the largest mergers ever attempted in the U.S., each successfully concluded.  

His firm, Eric Rabe Communications Strategy, helps organizations analyze communications issues they face, plan long-term solutions and execute effective communications and issue management tactics within and outside the organization.   

Rabe is a senior advisor at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.  He received his MS degree from the University of Pennsylvania in organizational dynamics with specialties in global organization studies, change studies and leadership.  He writes on communications issues facing government as well the intersection of management challenges and communications at major corporations and non-profit groups.

Rabe has spoken and written frequently on communications and technology and has been quoted on these topics over several decades.  His views have been regularly reported in the national press including New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, Barron’s, Wired, regional newspapers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, various on-line publications, and many others.  

Rabe holds a BA degree in journalism from Penn State University and worked for many years in television news as a reporter, anchor, editor and manager.   He has covered the White House and Capitol Hill, economic and business issues, and technology.  

Rabe created the nation’s  first Internet site to provide corporate information to shareholders, customers and the news media in 1992, before the existence of the Internet browser and the World Wide Web.  He is an expert in Internet and new media technologies and communications, and he developed Verizon’s program of new media public relations.

Rabe serves as an advisor at the Penn State College of Communications and has been named a Penn State Alumni Fellow, the University’s highest alumni award.  He is active in the Episcopal Church and enjoys playing guitar, golf and running.

Eric Rabe