There is a rhythm to student life that is driven by involvement with Fels, Penn, and the Philadelphia community.

Through a mixture of social activities, volunteer opportunities, and networking events, students come into contact with political leaders, other Penn graduate students, and one another in away that complements their academic experience and helps to develop important career networks.

Professional Organizations

Fels students participate in a variety of professional organizations including Philadelphia’s Young Nonprofit Leaders (PYNL), which provides leadership development programs, service initiatives, and networking events to students interested in the nonprofit world, and Young America PAC, a nonpartisan organization founded by Fels alumni that offers opportunities to meet with office holders and candidates.


While at Fels, students frequently volunteer for local, state, and Federal campaigns and serve as Election Day volunteers for The Committee of Seventy—a non-partisan political organization whose original members included Samuel S. Fels.

Women of Fels

Since its inception, Women of Fels has remained committed to facilitating the professional development and personal grown of women  pursuing  careers in the public sector by building an exceptional network of MPA graduate students, faculty, alumni, and community members.  We achieve this through events  a monthly newsletter, Facebook page, and advisory network. 

Student Government

SASgov and The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) serve graduate students of the University of Pennsylvania. Each year, Fels students are elected to the SASgov and GAPSA executive boards, which allows them the opportunity to be a part of the University Council Steering Committee, led by University President Amy Gutmann.

In addition, The Fels Student Association debuted in fall 2009. For more information about The Fels Student Association, please click here: FSA


Students are actively engaged with their local communities and the city at large through participation in neighborhood associations, planning and nonprofit boards, tutoring and mentoring programs, Earth Day initiatives, and home rehabilitation efforts for Philadelphia residents.


Many Fels students take advantage of the wide variety of varsity and intramural sports offered by the University and the city. Students regularly participate in soccer, swimming, squash, ice hockey, and running, with a strong representation at the annual Philadelphia Marathon.