Student Resource Guide for Full-time Students

Dear new Fels student,

Congratulations and welcome to the Fels Institute of Government. We are excited that you are joining the Fels community and look forward to assisting you during your time at Fels. Throughout the application process our Admissions team has been your point of contact at Fels. Now that you have been admitted, Katy Lichtenstein, is here to answer any and all administrative questions. If you are not sure who to contact regarding a question you might have or find yourself having to spend more than a few minutes trying to find an answer regarding your financial aid, tuition, change of address, etc., please reach out to Katy

In order to facilitate your transition to Fels, you'll want to complete the check list below before arriving at Fels for our day long orientation program on August 21st.

1. Set up your PennKey so that you can access Penn systems including PennPay and Blackboard (may be required for your first class).  You'll want to set it up as soon as you receive your set up code via email.  If you wait to set it up, the code is likely to expire.

2. Pick up your PennCard in person or send photo to Katy Lichtenstein to request one in order to access the Fels Building after 6:00 pm on weeknights and anytime during the weekend as well as other buildings on campus.

3. Set up your SAS email account (recommended but not required).

Step 1 must be completed before requesting your email account. 

4. Login to Penn InTouch:
Confirm local mailing address is correct
Enter your Student Emergency Phone Number, which is used by the UPenn Alert Emergency Notification System in the event of a critical campus emergency.
Click on the Privacy Link; if you would like your grades mailed at the end of the semester you need to update the default.
Step 1 must be completed first.

5. Login to the Penn Directory and update your preferences: Click ‘update directory listings’ Login with your PennKey Confirm that your Personal and Public settings are correct
Step 1 must be completed first.

We have also compiled information regarding Philadelphia resources to help those of you new to the area, and a special section of resources for international students. We also encourage you to check out the Fels website periodically which includes information about our course requirements and offerings, syllabi, faculty, alumni, and events. We are all very much looking forward to working with you in the years to come.

The Fels Staff