Senior Advisors

Fels Consulting is led by the vision and expertise of our Senior Advisors. These expert practitioners bring decades of experience to bear and work closely with the practice’s directors, other seasoned Senior Consultants and the graduate students who work as Associate Consultants in order to pursue and achieve high-impact projects.

Barrett & Greene Inc., through principals Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene,  has done original, much-praised research about state and local government over the course of nearly 25 years. Described by Peter Harkness, founder of Governing Magazine as "by far the most experienced journalists in the country covering public performance," they pioneered "grading the cities, counties and states" in management. Related to that work, they founded the Government Performance Project. They are consultants to the Pew Charitable Trusts government performance unit; contractors to Bloomberg's government work; columnists and correspondents for Governing Magazine; founding editors of the B&G Report, a bi-weekly e-newsletter; and  senior fellows at the Governing Institute. They have helped found, and serve on the boards, of two organizations: GovPerformance and the State Government Workforce Project.