Philadelphia Blueprint for Data-Driven School Reform

In partnership with the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government (Fels), facilitated a joint effort to develop a collaborative and comprehensive Philadelphia Blueprint for Data-Driven School Reform, a plan enabling Philadelphia high schools to develop the capacity to analyze and use data as a core component of improving student learning and achievement.

By co-convening a Steering Committee comprised of regional and school staff, teachers, school leaders, students, parents, and other community stakeholders, the partners developed a plan to become efficient and effective at data use and management. A major component of the action planning was driven by stakeholder-specific subcommittees charged with developing action plans to improve the data skills and competencies necessary to increase student achievement.

The plans answered the question: What ongoing policies, practices, programs, and resources are needed in order for all stakeholders to use data to significantly improve student achievement? The resulting document, or Blueprint: assesses current District data collection and management practices, describes the Steering Committee’s shared goals for improving these practices, outlines three consensus-based action plans to increase the capacity of school leaders, teachers and students and parents to use data to improve teaching and learning, and designs a strategy for measuring progress based on the plan’s objectives.

The complete Blueprint serves as a proposal for additional funding to implement the plan it outlines.

Overview of Project Activities:

  • Assessed the current state of District data collection and management practices, answering the question: Where are we now?
  • Convened Steering Committee and define specific goals for the Blueprint, answering the question: Where do we want to be?
  • Worked in subcommittees to define action plans for each stakeholder group, answering the question: How are we going to get there? Steering committee will be reconvened on regular basis for feedback and updates.
  • The subcommittees were designed as follows: school leaders developed a data-oriented executive education plan for principals and other school administrators; teachers designed a high-quality, research-based professional development approach that emphasize the effective use of data and common planning time; and students and parents developed a plan that enables families to work more effectively with teachers and community agencies to address the educational needs of their children.
  • Compiled and endorsed the final Blueprint to set the stage for implementation.