Where better to learn about democratic governance and public policy than Philadelphia, the birthplace of the United States?

Since its founding, the Fels Institute has been closely tied to the city of Philadelphia and has been a consistent source of ideas, practices and talent for Philadelphia city government. Today, Philadelphia serves as an authentic living laboratory for our students. Fels students participate in internships with local organizations, political and civic campaigns in the region, and community service projects. 

Philadelphia's also a great place to live and work. Travel + Leisure's  magazine's 2011 Survey of America's Favorite Cities ranked Philadelphia first for culture, with Washington, D.C., ranked second.  In addition, Philadelphia was the Number Three city for "Food, Drink and Restaurants," Number One for "Sports-Crazed," and a Top-Five city for shopping. 

But the accolades  and the facts don't always capture Philadelphia's heart and soul.  The city is a quirky, authentic, cosmopolitan stew of neighborhoods.  It's a real place with passions and pride to match.  The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation's UWISHUNU website and blog does a great job of covering Philadelphia's vibrant arts, music and restaurant scenes.  The Flying Kite online publication offers up lively coverage of the city's booming arts, entertainment, and startup scenes.

One City, Many Neighborhoods, Great Value

Philadelphia offers all the energy and amenities of a big city in vibrant, walkable neighborhoods.  Its compact downtown and extensive public transit system mean that you can easily live in Philadelphia without a car, and the city is more bike-friendly than ever. For a city its size, and with as much going on, it's also incredibly affordable.  Living in Philadelphia is 50% less expensive than New York, 39% less expensive than LA, and 28% less expensive than Washington, DC.  It's no wonder that Philadelphia feels like "one big campus".

Arts and Culture: The Athens of America

Long recognized as the "Athens of America" for its public art projects, world class galleries, and Avenue of the Arts theatre district, Philadelphia has a well-deserved international reputation for its lively arts scene.   

Sports and Recreation

Philadelphia wears its passion for sports on its sleeves.  With teams in each of the four major leagues (Eagles, Flyers, 76ers and the Phillies), a rich tradition of Big Five college basketball, and one of the nation's most extensive park system, there is something for every sports fan and outdoor enthusiast in Philadelphia.

Within Driving Range

The Buckle on the Money Belt that stretches between the nation's financial capital in New York and politcal capital in Washington, Philadelphia also sits less than two hours away from four state capitals (Harrisburg, Trenton, Dover, and Annapolis)--well within working range of each.   Getting out of town for the weekend couldn't be easier and more convenient--Philadelphia's only an hour away from the beaches of the Jersey Shore and the mountains and lakes of the Poconos.