Jonah Gelbach

Professor of Law

Jonah Gelbach's interests in law teaching and scholarship include civil procedure, statutory interpretation, law and economics, event study methodology, applied statistical methodology, and applied microeconomics (especially labor and public economics). He has taught students at the JD, PhD, MBA, and undergraduate levels.

His scholarship has appeared (or soon will appear) in the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation, Yale Law JournalUniversity of Chicago Law Review, and University of Pennsylvania Law Review,  American Economic ReviewJournal of Political EconomyReview of Economics and StatisticsAmerican Law and Economics ReviewJournal of Labor EconomicsJournal of Public EconomicsJournal of Human Resources, and Demography, among others.

Gelbach joined the Penn faculty in 2013, having previously been on the permanent economics faculty at the University of Maryland for nine years (1998-2007) and the University of Arizona for three (2007-2010).

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