Holger Sieg

Joseph M. Cohen Term Professor of Economics

Professor Sieg is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and at Penn’s Population Studies Center. He has previously served on the Board of Editors at the American Economic Review, and is currently on the board of the International Economic Review. He has published extensively on topics related to public finance and the economics of education and urban policy.

Courses Taught

Public Economics Fall 2016 On-Campus
Instructor: Holger Sieg
Course Section: 001
Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday
Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm
Course Location: On-Campus
Course Description:

This course provides students with the knowledge required to understand government operations in relation to the market economy. In theory of supply and demand, students explore the pricing mechanism, price elasticity, and the effects of price controls on markets. Efficiency is examined in connection with competition and again in connection with equity, and market failure is considered as a reason for government intervention. Cost-benefit analysis is examined in the context of selecting among public investment alternatives. The course also assists students in addressing issues connected with local public goods and economic development.

This course is a core requirement in the Master of Public Administration program and a pre-requisite requirement for the Certificate in Public Finance and the Certificate in Economic Development and Growth.

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