Where the Jobs Aren't

November 03, 2011

In his 2008 convention speech, Barack Obama proposed to create five million green economy jobs.  In April 2009, the US Conference of Mayors predicted that green jobs would result in 10 percent of new job growth over the next 30 years.  However, with soaring unemployment rates and a stagnating economy, the feasibility of such job opportunities is raising more and more questions. Although there have been significant green energy investments in the public sector there is little evidence that it has translated into the creation of new permanent jobs.

Click on the link below to listen to Fels Executive Director, David Thornburgh’s thoughts on the green economy and its role in the up coming presidential election. David's observations on issues that affect business, government, and nonprofits in the region can be heard each week on KYW 1060 AM throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

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