Public Policy Challenge Kicks Off Its Second Year

October 03, 2010

Right now, there is a strong need for young, energetic, innovative people in the public policy arena. That's why you should apply to participate in the Penn Public Policy Challenge. The interdisciplinary student competition carries potential to be a successful endeavor not just for students who participate, but also for Greater Philadelphia - a region that needs such young, brilliant minds to carry it into the next decade under a banner of prosperity.

The Public Policy Challenge is kicking off its second year with many exciting and new improvements over the inaugural competition. This year, rather than being required to come up with their own unique ideas for public policy initiatives in Greater Philadelphia, students can choose from pre-vetted ideas submitted by public, private, non-profit, and government leaders from across the region. Upon choosing one of these initiatives, students can work with that individual or organization to turn the paragraph-long idea into a full-blown civic campaign. Of course, if a student or students are inspired to create their own program or initiative, those ideas are welcome as well.

This is a valuable opportunity for all students who have an interest in any public policy issue area to gain practical, real-world experience, interact with like-minded students from other academic programs at Penn, and network with public policy professionals from across the Philadelphia region. It is also a fantastic resume- and skill-building opportunity. It should also be noted that this is a first-of-its-kind competition at Penn, as well as across the Ivy League.

Applications are due November 12th, and they can be accessed through the Public Policy Challenge website. While a meet-and-greet event and an introductory workshop are scheduled for later on this semester, most competition workshops and events take place in the spring.  Please peruse the website to check out details regarding last year's competition, read about the judges who participated , and get an overall sense of what the Public Policy Challenge is about. It is designed to work within the confines of your limited schedule as a Penn student.

You are asked to apply as an individual, and an executive committee will group applicants into teams of five. At the end of this journey, you could win cash to get your idea off the ground. While last year's winning team won $5,000, with $2,500 donated to an organization that worked to further its idea, efforts are currently underway to "up the ante" this year. By working with public policy leaders who have already submitted ideas ripe for implementation in Greater Philadelphia, the potential for your project to make a real impact in the community is huge.

So please apply, and make positive change happen.

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