Penn President Amy Gutmann on Compromise

December 01, 2011

A recent New York Times op-ed article written by President Amy Gutmann and Dr. Dennis F. Thompson discussed why Congress continually fails to compromise on big issues. President Gutmann and Dr. Thompson cite the supercommittee’s inability to finalize an agreement as the latest failure to enact “compromises that improve on the status quo, even if it means giving up some causes the members care about.”  Both argue that unless changes are made to the campaign and election systems, gridlock will continue.

To read the complete article and to listen to Fels Executive Director, David Thornburgh’s thoughts on Capitol Hill's aversion to compromise, please click on the links below. David's observations on issues that affect business, government, and nonprofits can be heard each week on KYW 1060 AM throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Click here to read the NY Times article