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August 20, 2007










Get Better Results for Voters on Election Day

Fels Research & Consulting Group worked with partners to design and implement a voter complaint hotline for the November 2004 election. NBC advertised the hotline on its affiliates and MSNBC for ten days prior to the election. The 1-866-MyVote1 hotline system, which was the first of its kind, had several important features. First, for the first time, callers nationwide could obtain their poll location automatically (100,000 callers used this function on the system and another 1 million used it online). Fels RCG is analyzed the resulting database of calls that comprise the 56,000 recorded messages, the 100,000 poll location requests, and the some 60,000 failed call transfers. The ultimate goal of the MyVote1 project was to solve problems on Election Day and gather evidence to bring systemic change based on data and not on conjecture or rumor.


100,000 voter calls processed to providing pioneering research and testimony to Carter-Baker Commission on Electoral Process 2005.

Click here to read the report on the 2006 MyVote1 hotline titled, MyVote1 National Election Report: Voice of the Electorate 2006.

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