Helpful Hints for Applying to Fels

December 21, 2012

By Jaclyn Clevenger, Fels Admissions Coordinator

The most wonderful time of year is finally upon us! No, I don't mean the holidays, but the other most exciting aspect of this time of year: application season! Right now, thousands of prospective graduate students around the world are taking the GRE's, finalizing their personal statements, and scrambling to find that one last supervisor or former teacher to write them a letter fo recommendation. The Fels Institute of Government has already heard from many prospective students who are working on their applications and have many questions and/or concerns. In an effort to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from applicants, please review the helpful hints for applying to Fels listed below.

  • The application deadline for the full-time MPA program is January 15th. Late applications will be accepted, but consideration for scholarships is not guaranteed for late applicants. So, make sure to submit your application by the 15th!
  • MPA applicants should submit unofficial copies of their transcripts through the online application system. Official copies will only be required upon admission to the MPA program.
  • Fels accepts test scores from the GRE or LSAT exams. All test scores should be self-reported on your online application. Additionally, GRE test-takers should report their scores to cose 2986. Please note that LSAC will not report to non law schools, so you should plan to mail in a copy of your score reports to Fels at 3814 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. 
  • International applicants must submit transcripts that have been translated into both English and the American-grading system. It is fine if your University can provide this service for you, as long as you submit a report that explains how your grades were determined. Otherwise, you should plan to use an outside translation service to translate your transcripts.
  • Fels requires three letters of recommendation. Your recommenders can either submit their letters through the online application system, mail them to the Fels Institute, or email them directly to me at
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