Fels Hosts Financial Stress Conference for State-wide Leaders

February 10, 2012

On January 27th, local and state government officials and administrators converged on Penn’s campus to attend an important conference, Financial Stress in Governments: The Issues, Challenges & Politics of Moving Forward.

The conference was hosted by the Fels Institute of Government and the Penn Institute for Urban Research and was sponsored by Stevens & Lee Griffin and DSI Civic Financial Restructuring

The event featured leaders in governance and finance including a keynote address from Dr. Mark Zandi, CEO, Moody’s Economy.com and Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics. While many presenters were optimistic about the future, they recognized that there are no quick and easy fixes for distressed municipalities. The day ended with a candid conversation on the role politics plays in the development of fiscal policy. With over 120 attendees, the conference promises to be the first of many future conversations about the financial health of local and state governments.  

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