Education Funding Policies- Case Study Development

Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY)
Organization Overview: 

Our organization is founded to advance effective public policy solutions that will improve the life chances of children who face systemic barriers to opportunity. For that reason we focus on the educational, health, child welfare and enrichment policies that give low income and minority children the proven supports needed to help them arrive into adulthood prepared for a vital, productive and fulfilling life.

Project Name: 
Education Funding Policies- Case Study Development
Project Type: 
Policy Analysis
Project Overview: 

PCCY is embarking on an ambitious effort to shine a light on the impact of state and federal funding policies as they relates to the methods of funding public education, in Pennsylvania. The facts about Pennsylvania's under-funded public schools are well developed, but the impact on individual schools and students is not widely understood. Therefore, we are seeking case studies for both schools that will provide anecdotal evidence for wider district themes. 

In this project a student(s) will examine the real impact of underfunding in one or more under-resourced public school and contrast those conditions with a school where local resources are sufficient to compensate for the shortfall in state and federal funds. The student(s) will research the revenues and expenditures of the comparison districts, prepare an interview protocol, and collect the data from the schools.  Based on the data, the student(s) will create a compelling presentation of the contrasting conditions in these two public schools. 

This project will give students a grounded sense of intergovernmental relations in the public education sector, knowledge of education finance from both the state and school district perspective, experience with policy research methods, and practice in policy analysis and presentations.


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Executive; Full-Time
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