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Project 440 Inc.
Organization Overview: 

Mission: Project 440 engages, educates and inspires young musicians, providing them with the career and life skills they need to develop into tomorrow's civic-minded, entrepreneurial leaders.

Founded in 2007 in Savannah GA, Project 440's activities originally involved professional musicians creating and presenting interactive performances in the Savannah area. The organization moved to Philadelphia in 2010 when executive director Joseph Conyers earned a seat in the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the focus shifted to teaching students how to serve their communities through music. Our programs have expanded through the years to include college and career preparedness, leadership and entrepreneurship, and community engagement and interactive performance, all through the lens of music. Project 440's programming helps to create the "whole musician" and, in turn, the "artist citizen". Regardless of whether our students become professional musicians or not, using music as a tool, our young people will be equipped to take on the challenges of the world head on. Our programs are further evolving this year from one-off seminars and workshops to a full curriculum including text books, focusing on social entrepreneurship (Doing Good) and college and career readiness (Instruments for Success).

Project Name: 
New Curriculum Evaluation Project
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Program Evaluation
Project Overview: 

Doing Good is a completely new curriculum, with a foundation in work we've already been doing. Many students who took our Leadership and Entrepreneurship seminar expressed an interest in doing more than the 2-hour seminar allowed. We also have a 100 page book covering college, career, entrepreneurship and community engagement that we will be replacing with two books: Doing Good, a 100 page book written by Mark Rabideau ( and Susanna Loewy (our Program Director), and Instruments for Success, a 75 page book written by Jeremy Reynolds (musician and journalist) in collaboration with the Project 440 team. 

We need help creating effective tools for evaluating the efficacy of both Instruments for Success and Doing Good - especially for Doing Good. We'd like to be able to measure the students' learning/development as they go through the year, as well as evaluate the programs as a whole to understand the strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to make whatever improvements are needed to best serve our students.

Stakeholders include our students, our donors/funders, our teachers. We will be presenting this as an after-school program, and we're talking with the school district to ensure partnership and buy-in. We are also part of a collective called PMAY - Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth - and PMAY Artist Initiative students will be expected to participate in our programs. That makes PMAY a stakeholder as well.


Ideally, we would like to come out of this project with tools for evaluating both our students' learning and our programs' efficacy. We'd like to start with some kind of baseline evaluation tool, with an assessment mid-year and and assessment at the end of the school year. Better, more effective surveys than we have been using, focus groups, self assessments, teacher assessments - whatever will work to tell our story and back it up with data.

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Executive; Full-Time
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To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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