Understanding and Managing Complex Organizations

Course Number: 
GAFL 625

Today’s organizations are highly complex workplaces; made up of traditional and interconnected departments, professional and technical employees with wide variations of education and training, and are spread out geographically and intellectually. The class intends to explore the interplay between all these elements by introducing the students to the basics of organizations and challenge them to explore their own beliefs and approaches. The course will equip the students with the various organizational theories and the current scholarship on organizational management. To put theory within a practical framework, the course will systematically go through all of the various aspects of leadership and management such as governance, mission/vision, strategic planning, day-to-day management (workforce issues, technology, and finance), conflict management, change management, and crisis management. Organizations of all types (non-profits, for profits, corporations, governmental and quasi-governmental) as the subject is best understood through multiple lenses. While the class does not have a prerequisite, it is intended for more advanced masters students or for individuals with considerable work experience especially in management roles and comfortable with self directed academic work.