Leading Nonprofits

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GAFL 549

Leading Nonprofits is designed for those who have a practitioner’s interest in the development, leadership, and management of nonprofit organizations and their intersection with the private sector and government to create social change. The course brings the student through the process of starting a nonprofit and then leading an organization through key decisions and stages of development. Leading Nonprofits provides students with essential strategies and tools to conduct in-depth analysis of a non-profit’s effectiveness, financial sustainability, and policy change. The class will also address contemporary challenges related to organizational ethics, accountability, emerging legal frameworks, public policy, and politics.

This course satisfies a core requirement in the Certificate in Nonprofit Administration. It is also an approved elective in PennDesign’s Certificate in Urban Development.

Course Offerings

Leading Nonprofits (Fall 2015)

Fall 2015
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Tine Hansen-Turton
Nicholas D. Torres
MCNB 309