Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Why, How and When

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GAFL 534

Infrastructure is widely acknowledged to be critical for economic success, and infrastructure investments are promoted as leading to economic growth, either at the local or national level. Yet, investments in telecommunications, transportation, energy, or other infrastructure do not always yield the hoped for public benefit. This course will help answer the question: Under what circumstances does infrastructure investment contribute to economic growth, and how do we know? Because government resources are limited, advocates often must be creative to find sufficient funding to get desirable projects completed. This course will also help answer the question: How do we pay for the infrastructure projects we want to build? The course will illustrate approaches to answering these questions using case studies of past and proposed investments.

This course satisfies an elective requirement in the Master of Public Administration, Certificate in Economic Development and Growth and Certificate in Finance programs. It is also an approved elective in PennDesign’s Certificate in Urban Development.

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Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Why, How and When (Spring 2016)

Spring 2016
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Peter A. Angelides
Meyerson B2