Downtown Development

Course Number: 
GAFL 642
Cross Listed: 
CPLN 642

Downtown Development: This 0.5 cu course will provide an overview of the
changing role of downtowns and commercial centers, how and why they have
evolved, diversified and been redeveloped and who are the various public and private actors that are helping them reposition themselves in a new regional and global context. There will be a strong focus on implementation, on how things get done, on the role of business improvement districts, not-for-profit development corporations and local government in the United States, Canada and a few international cities.
Affordable Housing Policy and Development: This 0.5 CU, seven-week
course is oriented toward graduate students who wish to work in the area of housing policy, or develop affordable housing projects and communities. The course will take a seminar format involving weekly lectures by the instructor, student discussion, and guest presentations by knowledgeable practitioners. The weekly course topic schedule is as follows: 1.Where and why is housing unaffordable? 2.Affordable homeownership-Programs and outcomes 3.Affordable rental housing - Policies, programs, and outcomes 4.Affordable housing, fair housing, and community development 5.What can individual cities do? 6.Does excessive land use regulation make housing unaffordable? 7.Alternative ideological perspectives on affordable housing policy. The major requirement for this course, in addition to class attendance and doing assigned readings, will be the preparation of 20- page research or policy paper.