Building Capacity for Program Evaluation

The Digital Literacy Alliance (sponsored by the City of Philadelphia - Office of Innovation & Technology)
Organization Overview: 

The Digital Literacy Alliance is a newly formed, broad coalition of institutional organizations working to alleviate the digital divide in Philadelphia. The coalition includes companies like Comcast and Verizon, higher ed institutions like Penn and Temple, city government entities like the Office of Innovation & Technology and the Office of Adult Education, and community organizations like Asian Americans United and the Media Mobilizing Program. 

The Alliance is charged with a three-prong mission: providing financial support to digital literacy and inclusion programs in Philadelphia, convening stakeholders and partners from diverse sectors and offering guidance on digital literacy programming and policy making in the city.

Project Name: 
Building Capacity for Program Evaluation
Project Type: 
Program Evaluation; Performance Management
Project Overview: 

In May 2017, the DLA awarded over $160K in funding to eight organizations in Philadelphia doing innovative work in the digital literacy space. The grantees range from large, established non-profits to new, emerging entities, and the projects serve diverse populations in a myriad of neighborhoods.In this first round of grants, the DLA is excited to not only support these important projects, but to learn more about the digital literacy landscape in Philadelphia. We recognize that this is tremendous opportunity and we want to be sure that we are properly evaluating the effectiveness of our grants and the impacts that they're having in their respective areas. 

The challenge, however, is that the Alliance is essentially an all-volunteer entity and the managing members lack the capacity to do intensive and meaningful data collection and program evaluation for the eight funded programs. Additionally, we anticipate that some of the grantees lack their own capacity and knowledge and will need significant help both collecting data and understanding the value of performance management in general. 

Our hope is that a team of FELS students can assist us in developing meaningful metrics, collecting and evaluating the necessary data, and working with the funded organizations to help them build their own capacities for program evaluation, both as it specifically relates to the DLA grant, and more generally in their growth.

We anticipate four main deliverables / outcomes of this project:

1. An appropriate set of metrics that we can use to evaluate the effectiveness of the funded DLA projects. 

2. Reports / data from each of the funded projects.

3. A document / curriculum that outlines the importance of program evaluation, how to appropriately select and collect data, etc. - essentially a explicable guide that help support emerging organizations in their program evaluation efforts.

4. A set of recommendations for the DLA for future funding needs.

Spots Available: 
Executive; Full-Time
To Apply: 

To apply for this project, please contact Cassie Tomkins at

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