Select Past Projects

Over its lifetime, Fels' Consulting group has worked on over 1,400 high- impact projects. This page includes highlights from select recent projects. A more complete list of recent Fels Consulting publications can be found here.

  • Job-Centered Economic Development Strategies
    is a project with the Annie E. Casey Foundation that identified and examined replicable employer-driven talent development strategies aimed at lower skilled workers and at-risk youth. 
  • Promising Practices for State Cabinet Secretaries
    is a  report that explores core competencies that can help these
    important leaders succeed in their positions. Based on numerous
    interviews, this report features real-life narratives that illustrate
    the skills and techniques leaders can use to tackle key challenges and
    “get things done.”
  • Public Engagement Promising Practices
    is a practical guide on the whys, whats, and hows of carrying out a
    public engagement session that enables leaders and organizations to
    gather first-hand community input on local issues and potential
  • Talent Dividend 
    assessed the Greater Philadelphia area's progress toward increasing the
    amount of post-secondary degrees conferred and is conducted in
    partnership with local stakeholders facilitated by Select Greater Philadelphia.
  • Sustainable Strategies for Small Communities was a project to examine environmental initiatives at the grass-roots level in order to develop a guide of “best practices” for small environmental organizations.
  • Graduate! Philadelphia chose Fels Consulting to investigate the financial roadblocks facing adults re-enrolling in college degree programs to finish their education (“Comebackers”) and produce a professional background paper that outlines our findings and contains several policy recommendations to help overcome these challenges.
  • The Keystone Principles and Criteria for Growth, Investment, and Resource Conservation were examined by Fels Consulting. Based on our research, we offered recommendations for improving these Principles for future projects in Pennsylvania.
  • LEARN Philly is a consortium of 6 adult literacy programs that commissioned Fels Consulting to lead a strategic planning initiative that worked on the development of a clarified, goal-specific three-year work plan in Spring 2012. 
  • Neighborhoods of Opportunity was a project which examined real estate and human capital development strategies undertaken in a portion of Eastern North Philadelphia between 1997 and 2008.
  • The Old York Road Revitalization Group
    selected Fels Consulting to partner with them to develop
    a realistic revitalization plan for the Old York Road Corridor as it
    passes through the Cheltenham, Abington, and Jenkintown school
    districts in Spring 2012.
  • Penn Energy Showdown, managed by Fels Consulting, was a competition between Harrison and Rodin College Houses at the University of Pennsylvania to decrease student energy consumption.