All Courses

Course Number Course Title
GAFL 500 Project Management in the Public Sector
GAFL 500 Empowering Communities Through Real Estate Development
GAFL 500 Economic Development, Equity and Inclusion
GAFL 500 Campaign Management: How To Run and Win
GAFL 500 Designing Thinking For Social Entrepreneurs
GAFL 500 011 Influencing Public Policy
GAFL 500 012 Organizational Leadership and Communication
GAFL 502 Public Communications
GAFL 506 The Problem of Jobs: the Philadelphia Story
GAFL 509 Who Gets Elected and Why: the Science of Politics
GAFL 515 The Business of Public Investment Finance Banking
GAFL 515 Public Financial Leadership in the New Fiscal Reality
GAFL 517 Quantitative Tools for Consulting
GAFL 520 Marketing & Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations
GAFL 521 Advanced Public Management
GAFL 526 Municipal Bonds
GAFL 527 Community Development and Qualitative Methods
GAFL 528 Critical Issues in Public Finance
GAFL 529 Nonprofit Financial Management
GAFL 530 Evidence Based Policies of Economic and Political Development
GAFL 531 Data Science for Public Policy
GAFL 533 Building Community Resilience and Citizen Engagement
GAFL 534 Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth: Why, How and When?
GAFL 538 Human Rights, Access To Justice, and Public Policy
GAFL 546 Social Enterprise Models and Social Impact Locally and Globally
GAFL 548 Grant Writing
GAFL 549 Leading Nonprofits
GAFL 550 Organizational Diagnosis
GAFL 551 Government Relations
GAFL 561 Media Relations
GAFL 569 The Politics of Housing and Urban Development
GAFL 600 Quantitative Recitation
GAFL 611 Statistics for Public Policy
GAFL 611 Statistics for Public Policy: Laboratory
GAFL 612 Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
GAFL 621 Public Economics
GAFL 622 Economic Principles of Public Policy
GAFL 623 Leading People
GAFL 631 Policy Making and Public Institutions
GAFL 641 Program Evaluation
GAFL 641 Program Evaluation & Data Analysis
GAFL 651 Public Financial Management
GAFL 652 Financial Management of Government and Nonprofit Organizations
GAFL 710 Negotiations
GAFL 719 Advanced Budgeting
GAFL 732 Public Management
GAFL 733 Public Management (Executive Format)
GAFL 735 The Performance Imperative
GAFL 747 Social and Public Innovations
GAFL 799 MPA Capstone

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