Fels Consulting has provided our clients and partners with a variety of high-quality products. Browse all our reports here or search by the categories listed below.  Check out the new Promising Practices report, What It Takes to Lead State Agencies.

Promising Practices Report Series A promising practice is an action, program, or process that leads to an effective and productive result in a situation. These briefs provide public sector leaders and managers with effective, practical and concise information on a broad range of public management topics.  

Performance Management: Fels has covered this topic in several reports, including two Promising Practices reports: How Cities are Using GIS in PerformanceStat Programs and Smart Cities: Performance Stat at 15

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization: A challenge for municipalities accross the country, housing and neighborhood revitalization is an area where Fels has particular expertise. The following reports discuss this important issue.

Community Engagement: Fels Consulting has produced reports discussing community engagement in the Promising Practices series including, Making the Most of Social Media. Other publications include:

Others: Fels Consulting produces publications on a variety of topics. Other recently published briefs include:

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